Product Code: TWT-CTXX/XX-UT-WH

Product descriptions are listed according to the available information at the time of publication. Product specifications can be changed without advanced notification. More detailed and exact information can be obtained from the official partners and distributors of LANMASTER.

Model range (5)

Code Name
TWT-CT60/39-UT-WH Т-отвод с 60x22 на 39x18 Add to list
TWT-CT102/60-UT-WH Т-отвод с 100x27 на 60x22 Add to list
TWT-CT24/15-UT-WH Т-отвод с 24x14 на 15x10 Add to list
TWT-CT39/24-UT-WH Т-отвод с 39x18 на 24x14 Add to list
TWT-CT60/24-UT-WH Т-отвод с 60x22 на 24x14 Add to list