Join our team!

All our successes are a merit, first of all, of remarkable people working in our team.

It is important for us that, regardless of the position, future colleagues possess the following qualities:

  •     ability to achieve results. The result is important, but not the process.
  •     independence. We want to work with those who are able to manage themselves: organize themselves, determine their tasks, ways and ways to solve them.
  •     punctuality. We do not like those who break the deadline and come not in time.
  •     initiative. "On the ground" it is always clearer how and what can be done better. We expect from our colleagues an active position in the life of the company.

For our part, we offer:

  •     active work in a team of talented people;
  •     the opportunity to work in a friendly team in a cozy office;
  •     the opportunity to learn from colleagues and grow professionally.

We are always open to new talents!