LANMASTER company has own brand of SCS – LANMASTER SCS – structured cabling system which fully comply with international standards and takes into account the requirements and specifics of telecommunications market.

LANMASTER SCS goals are:

  • support a wide range of applications;
  • provide high speed access to networked resources for all users of SCS;
  • provide reliability, flexibility and scalability of information and computing system;
  • make local computing and voice networking simple manageable and configurable;
  • provide the path to accept new information technologies without extra expenses for cable links installation.

Advantages of SCS over conventional cable systems:

  • the uniform cabling system is using for data, voice and video communications;
  • long-term use of the cabling system justifies the investments;
  • high reliability of the cabling system;
  • the ability to make changes and expansions without replacing the entire existing cabling system;
  • make possible to use a several network protocols at the same time;
  • independent of technology changes and hardware supplier;
  • standard components and materials are used;
  • maintainable with a small number of service personnel;
  • fiber optics and copper cables can be combined in the same cabling system;
  • cabling system can be expanded with preserving investments.


  • Colored SCS – cable system can be colored in of eight colors.
  • All LANMASTER components have 5 years warranty, LANMASTER SCS and its components have 25 years warranty.

Benefits of Installing the Cabling System by a Certified Installer

A lot of construction contractors, phone and electrical technicians boldly take up on installation of cabling systems for computer networks. It would seem what is easier than mount outlets, patch-panels, connect them with a cable and that is it, it is done. But there are a lot of problems hidden behind the apparent simplicity. Previously, companies worked with systems where the frequency of the transmitted signal was 50 Hz (electrical) and 4kHz (telephony), but modern computer networks operate at frequencies up to 100 MHz and higher.

While installing a cable system, the installer requires a deep knowledge of the technology behind the cable systems, the materials used, professional tools and testing equipment. Even a small mistake at any stage: design, installation, testing, documentation, performed by the Installer, will cause incorrect operation of the computer network, lead to failures and loss of information, complicate the work of the user of the network.

The technology for structured cabling systems (SCS) installation is transferred by the manufacturer to the Certified Installer. Obligatorily, designers and installers undergo specialized training courses from the SCS manufacturer. Then they pass exams in the design and installation of the Cable System. After that, the Manufacturer, if it considers the Installer's qualification level to be sufficient, may conclude an agreement with the Installer to install the SCS. Throughout all SCS installations, the Manufacturer checks the quality of the work performed by the Installer, and if the Cable System meets all the Manufacturer's requirements, then he grants his proprietary Warranty on it.

Training of LANMASTER SCS Certified Installers

The LANMASTER company conducts training courses for designers and administrators and installers on the design and installation of LANMASTER SCS.

Training is conducted in the following courses:

  • Designer course «LANMASTER-SCS-P»
  • Engineering course «LANMASTER-SCS-I»
  • Installer course «LANMASTER-SCS-M»