Self-laminating laser printable outlet markers

Product Code: LAN-MOL-XXxXX-XX

Self-laminating laser printable outlet markers

Self-adhesive markers are designed for a laser printing or write-on with marker pen, felt-tip pen or gel pen.

The markers are glued to an A4 size backing sheet. It is a convenient and cost-effective solution for marking and identifying the front inserts of telecommunications sockets, electrical outlets, and any flat surfaces.

The sheets are numbered in rows and columns for easy reprinting on unused markers.

Laminating these markers after the printing of identifiers significantly extends their life and dramatically increases resistance to abrasion.

Applicable for attaching to paper, wood, film, vinyl and rubber cable sheaths, glass, plastic pipes, etc.

A synthetic paper with a permanent adhesive is used as the basis for the self-laminating marker.

Operating temperature range from -40 to +125 °C.

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Model range (6)

Code Name
LAN-MOL-14x7-WH Self-laminating markers, А4 sheet, 14х7, for outlets, white, 420 pcs/sht. Add to list
LAN-MOL-14x9-WH Self-laminating markers, А4 sheet, 14х9, for outlets, white, 336 pcs/sht. Add to list
LAN-MOL-16x7-WH Self-laminating markers, А4 sheet, 16х9, for outlets, white, 350 pcs/sht. Add to list
LAN-MOL-16x9-WH Self-laminating markers, А4 sheet, 16х9, for outlets, white, 280 pcs/sht. Add to list
LAN-MOL-20x8-WH Self-laminating markers, А4 sheet, 20х8, for outlets, white, 288 pcs/sht. Add to list
LAN-MOL-20x10-WH Self-laminating markers, А4 sheet, 20х10, for outlets, white, 234 pcs/sht. Add to list