Self-laminating cable labels for laser printers

Product Code: LAN-MCL-XXxXXxXX

Self-laminating cable labels for laser printers

Self-laminating cable labels are designed for marking using a laser printer or manual marking (with a marker pen, felt-tip pen or rollerball pen).

The cable labels are supplied in A4 sheets. It is a convenient and cost-effective solution for marking and identification of wires, cables and many other products.

Self-lamination provides excellent protection for the label printable area against abrasion, water, chemicals, solvents, oils and other contaminants.

It easily adheres to paper, film, vinyl and rubber cable jackets, glass, plastic pipes, etc.

Permanent adhesive polyester film with the white print-on area is used as a base for self-laminating label.

Operating temperature range: from -40 to +125 °С.

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Model range (7)

Code Name
LAN-MCL-12x10x7 Маркер самоламинирующийся, л.А4, 12,5х10, диам.7мм, 128 шт/л. Add to list
LAN-MCL-20x13x10 Маркер самоламинирующийся, л.А4, 20х13, диам.10мм, 50 шт/л. Add to list
LAN-MCL-25x10x7 Маркер самоламинирующийся, л.А4, 25х10, диам.7мм, 64 шт/л. Add to list
LAN-MCL-50x20x10 Маркер самоламинирующийся, л.А4, 50х20, диам.10мм, 20 шт/л. Add to list
LAN-MCL-50x25x19 Маркер самоламинирующийся, л.А4, 50х25, диам.19мм, 12 шт/л. Add to list
LAN-MCL-25x10x10 Маркер самоламинирующийся, л.А4, 25х10, диам.10мм, 40 шт/л. Add to list
LAN-MCL-25x20x10 Маркер самоламинирующийся, л.А4, 25х20, диам.10мм, 40 шт/л. Add to list