Sectioned server cabinet, 19”, DC series

Product Code: LAN-DC-CBP4-xxU-yyy

Sectioned server cabinet, 19”, DC series

Sectioned LANMASTER DC series cabinets are divided into 4 sections of equal height. Sections of the cabinet are isolated from each other by solid horizontal partitions, perforated doors are equipped with a combinatorial lock with an individual key. Side panels, ground wires, baying hardware included with cabinet.

Sectioned cabinets of the required dimensions with an arbitrary number and height of sections can be developed under the requirements of the customer.

The LANMASTER DC series of cabinets is designed to meet the special requirements and features of the operation in Data Centers. The load-bearing frame is designed for increased static load, up to 1500 kg per cabinet. Profiled doors, with a perforation ratio exceeding 80%, provide efficient cooling of equipment installed in the cabinet.

The side panels are quick-detachable, equipped with a lock and a latch. For ease of handling and easy access to the equipment, the quick-release side panels are divided in height, can be dismantled independently, and are light in weight.

The design of the cabinet is optimized to minimize the installation time using the SKD (Semi Knock Down) method with a reduced number of operations.

The mounting rails position can be adjusted in depth, even in the assembled cabinet.

The horizontal rails are marked with clearly visible depth marks in 6.4 mm increments, which helps to accurately set the vertical mounting rails in the same position on different sides of the cabinet. Vertical mounting rails are marked in RMU (rack mounting unit) for precise installation of equipment in height.

There are holes for cable entries along the perimeter of the cabinet roof, which allows cables to be brought into the cabinet from any side. The side roof cable entries have plastic caps, the front and rear cable entries can be protected by brush panels. Inside the cabinet, the cables can be fixed on the vertical trays supplied with the cabinet. Trays have keyholes for quick mounting of vertical power distribution units (PDUs).

Cabinets installed in a row can be interconnected with baying fasteners, thereby giving them additional stability. Grounding wires and baying fasteners for joining cabinets in a row are included in the cabinet kit.

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Model range (2)

Code Name
LAN-DC-CBP4-42Ux6x10 LANMASTER DC cabinet, 42U, 600x1070 mm, 4 sections, perforated doors, with side panels, black Add to list
LAN-DC-CBP4-48Ux6x10 LANMASTER DC cabinet, 48U, 600x1070 mm, 4 sections, perforated doors, with side panels, black Add to list