Depth adjustable four post rack

Product Code: TWT-RACK2-xxU-ADJ

Depth adjustable four post rack

An open four post rack with adjustable depth is designed for mounting telecommunication, cross-connect and other 19" equipment. Racks of this series have an increased load capacity and withstand up to 1000 kg of distributed load.

Open racks provide easy access to installed equipment, better ventilation, and cooling, and are more cost effective than cabinets. Racks should be placed in a dust-free, well-ventilated area with limited access.

The design of the rack allows you to change the distance between mounting rails in the range of 560-1020 mm, which makes it possible to quickly adapt the rack to equipment of different depths.

The horizontal profiles have ruler for precise depth adjustment. The rack kit includes a set of cable management rings installed on the side surface of the posts.

Various accessories can be installed in the rack: cantilevered shelves, sliding shelves, drawers, cable managers, etc.

There are also accessories that are designed specifically for use in conjunction with racks. For example, TWT-RACK2-S4-ADJ/45 shelf. Its distinctive feature is that the depth can vary in the range of 560-1020. The shelf is four post mounted with frontal fastening and can withstand loads up to 45 kg.

TWT-RACK-VORG/x high-capacity cable managers have been specially developed for these racks. The cable entry is carried out from the sides through a system of supporting "fingers" located in 1 RMU increments. Support elements made of reinforced plastic provide cable support at the level of each RMU.

The rack is equipped with leveling legs to compensate for uneven floors and swivel casters to allow movement. The rack's base has holes for fastening to the floor with anchors.

The rack is supplied unassembled.

Color is black (RAL 9005).

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Model range (2)

Code Name
TWT-RACK2-42U-ADJ Four post rack, 42U, 560-1020 mm depth adjustable, black Add to list
TWT-RACK2-48U-ADJ Four post rack, 48U, 560-1020 mm depth adjustable, black Add to list