LANMASTER patch panel, 24 port, STP, cat. 5E, 1U

Product Code: LAN-PPL24S5E

LANMASTER patch panel, 24 port, STP, cat. 5E, 1U

24-port shielded patch panel is designed for terminating cables of various SCS subsystems on it and connecting individual network components to each other with patch cords.

Category 5e compliant.

Package included:

  • Patch panel - 1 pc.
  • Mounting screw - 4 pcs.
  • Punchdown tool - 1 pc.
  • Cable tie - 8 pcs.

The panel can be mounted in a 19-inch rack, cabinet, or wall frame, and wall-mountable with optional brackets.

The insulation displacement contacts (IDC) are used to connect subscriber cables. Panel’s termination blocks are universal and allow cable termination using both 110 and Krone (LSA) type punchdown tool. The front side of the panel contains RJ-45 ports.

The design of the panel provides special brackets for pairwise fixation of cable shields. There is a grounding contact on the panel body. A grounding conductor of 50 cm length and crimped with ring terminal is connected to it.

The panel has a built-in cable manager for supporting cables from the rear side. The panel ports have number label and area for additional labeling.

Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height) - 97мм х 19" х 1U

For the ease of installation, there is a digital marking of the cable conductor layout opposite the IDC block of each port on the rear side of the panel. Each termination IDC block from the rear of the panel is color marked in accordance with T568B/T568A wire maps.
Mounting screwsPunchdown toolCable ties

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