Compact and versatile. Vertical 4U Finger Bracket

Vertical and horizontal cable managers must be used to arrange cable flows. The TWT and LANMASTER brands already offer an impressive number of different models of both horizontal and vertical cable managers.

If assumed that a significant volume of cable flows is planned in the cabinet, as a rule, cabinets of greater width are placed, and appropriate cable distributors are installed there. In our product line you can always find a cable manager to suit your needs. In addition, we periodically think through and add new products to our portfolio. Here are a few examples of such products:

Cable Finger Bracket


There are also situations when it is necessary to locally solve the problem with the laid cables, including structures of small size. In this case, in addition to horizontal cable managers, also necessary to use vertical cable managers.

The new cable routing finger bracket can be installed on any 19'' mounting rails, in standard holes with cage nuts and screws. This allows you to use the bracket to organize vertical cable flows in 600 mm wide cabinets.

The bracket has a height of 4U, which corresponds to the minimum height of LANMASTER wall cabinets. Several brackets can be mounted on top of each other for higher enclosure heights.

Cable distribution and support is provided by plastic "fingers" at unit level. The elements are made of reinforced plastic and provide support for the cables at each unit level. The rounded surface of the fingers protects the cable jacket from damage and provides the required bending radius.

Product code Description
LAN-DC-CB-4U-PF/S 4U Cable Finger Bracket, universal, with fingers 106 mm depth, 2 pcs in the set, black

A video review has already been created for the new product which demonstrates how to install the brackets in the mounting structure. That and other videos are available on our
YouTube channel.