Finger section, 4U, universal, 106 mm depth

Product Code: LAN-DC-CB-4U-PF/S

Finger section, 4U, universal, 106 mm depth

The vertical cable management section is designed to distribute cable flows in various mounting structures.

The cables are distributed by "fingers" arranged in 1U increments. The elements are made of reinforced plastic and support the cables at the level of each unit. The rounded surface of the "fingers" protects the cable jacket from damage and provides the required bending radius.

The section is mounted on rails with cage nuts and screws in the appropriate holes, in conjunction with the equipment or patch panels. This method of mounting makes the cable manager universal, it can be installed on any regular rails in cabinets of any height.

The cable managers are available with a plastic fingers 106 mm depth.

The package includes two cable manager sections and the necessary fixtures for installation.

Made of steel and reinforced plastic

Color is black (RAL 9005).

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LAN-DC-CB-4U-PF/S Finger section, 4U, universal, 106 mm depth Add to list