Tester for video surveillance networks with cable tracer and multimeter

Product Code: LAN-TST-CCTV

Tester for video surveillance networks with cable tracer and multimeter

Multifunctional tester of video surveillance systems (LAN-TST-CCTV) is designed for installation and maintenance of closed-circuit TV systems. The device can be used to view video signal from surveillance cameras, control camera by three coordinates (PTZ), generate images, capture data via RS485 interface, test LAN cables.

The instrument is easy to use and facilitates the work of personnel on installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems.

Instrument Features:

  • Supports more than 20 camera control protocols (PTZ).
  • Measuring the audio input signal, checking the signal from the microphone.
  • Video signal generation. Generation of a color test signal. PAL/NTSC formats are available.
  • Controlled via RS485 interface.
  • Cable testing. Open-circuit, short-circuit, RJ45 and BNC wiring map check.

Head unit emitter technical specifications

Display type LCD
Display size 60 х 45 mm
Maximum cable length when connected to BNC 620 m
Tester and PTZ control
RS485 interface
Tested cables

Twisted pair: UTP, STP, cat. 5е, 6

Coaxial cables

Minimum calibration distance 10 m
Battery type 3000 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Measurement accuracy 98%
Body material Plastic and rubber
Operating temperature/humidity range -10ºC ~ +70ºC / 30% ~ 90%
Dimensions 206 х 112 х 49 mm

Inductive probe technical specifications

Dimensions (W*H*D) 218 х 46 х 29 mm

Remote identifier technical specifications

Compatible connectors RJ45, BNC
Dimensions (W*H*D) 107 x 46 x 29 mm

Package includes:

  • Main unit — 1 pc.,
  • Inductive probe — 1 pc.,
  • Remote identifier — 1 pc.,
  • Earphones — 1 pc.,
  • Storage case — 1 pc.,
  • Carrying strap — 1 pc.,
  • Micro-USB cord — 1 pc.,
  • Battery charger — 1 pc.,
  • Cord for powering camera from the tester — 1 pc.,
  • RS-485 bus connection adapter — 1 pc.,
  • Audio socket connection adapter — 1 pc.,
  • BNC(m)-BNC(m) cord — 1 pc.


The body of the LAN-TST-CCTV tester has undergone some changes in appearance and functionality in 2022.

The devices of the old version are still covered by the factory warranty from the manufacturer according to the specified rules.

Product descriptions are listed according to the available information at the time of publication. Product specifications can be changed without advanced notification. More detailed and exact information can be obtained from the official partners and distributors of LANMASTER.

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