Probe and tone generator kit, TPK-50

Product Code: LAN-TPK-50

Probe and tone generator kit, TPK-50

The LAN-TPK-50 test kit consists of a tone generator and an inductive probe (receiver).

The kit is used to:

  • Cable line tracing.
  • Checking the polarity of the phone line.
  • Checking line continuity.
  • Sending a tone into the line.

The TPK-50 can work with various types of cables: twisted pair, single wire, coaxial cable, or any other type of wire.

The generator allows you to produce two types of tone signals. This allows you to search for two lines at the same time with generators set to different tones. Tone selection is done by a microswitch located inside the generator case. The generator is equipped with one RJ-12 and two crocodile clips for line connection.

The probe is equipped with a powerful speaker with adjustable sensitivity and a terminal for connecting a test headset.

The kit comes in a sturdy, compact case for easy carrying. Package includes:

  • Probe (receiver),
  • Generator (sender),
  • User manual,
  • Carrying case,
  • Packing box.

Attention!!! Batteries are not included in the tool kit.

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