Supporting bracket for PPL patch panels, metal

Product Code: LAN-PPLxx-CMB

Supporting bracket for PPL patch panels, metal

The supporting bracket is used to fasten the cables incoming to the rear of the patch panels, providing the required bending radius, reliable attachment during installation, reducing static loads on the contact area of the cable conductor and the IDC termination block of the patch panel connector caused by the weight of the connected cable.

In addition, the use of brackets allows you to organize cable flows inside a cabinet or rack, which provides a neat appearance and facilitates further maintenance of the SCS commutation unit.

Installation of the bracket is made without the use of tools by snapping into special grooves on the back of the panel. The bracket can be installed both before and after cable termination, installation does not require removing the panel from the 19" cabinet rails. The bracket is intended for use only with LANMASTER 2010 patch panels (product codes are LAN-PPL24U5E, LAN-PPL24U6, LAN-PPL48U5E, LAN-PPL48U6).

The cable is fixed with plastic ties on the anchors of the bracket, or by bending metal hooks around the cable jacket.

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Model range (2)

Code Name
LAN-PPL24-CMB Supporting bracket for LAN-PPL24Uхх patch panel, metal Add to list
LAN-PPL48-CMB Supporting bracket for LAN-PPL48Uхх patch panel, metal Add to list