LANMASTER solutions for industrial cabling

Modern cable systems are in demand at various enterprises. Whether it's offices of private companies, data centers, government agencies, industrial facilities. Special requirements are imposed on the information cable system and placement of telecommunication equipment for protection from harsh environment and electromagnetic emissions at industrial facilities.

LANMASTER offers Industrial products in the segment of industrial cabling systems. These products are intended for use in harsh environments where non-IP rated products will not provide the required level of system protection. Industrial solutions also include components adapted for various installation conditions and also modular commutation equipment designed for mounting on a DIN rail.

Industrial sockets and modules with IP68 protection

For the installation of cable systems in industrial facilities, in a harsh environment, LANMASTER offers the components with IP68 protection.

Moisture, vibration and dust can damage contacts inside conventional connectors. The negative impact of aggressive factors can ultimately destroy the material, making the contact unusable. Special housings prevent foreign objects and liquids from getting in the devices, preventing corrosion and damage to contacts.

Ingress protection or IP

All electrical devices have a certain degree of protection, according to the classifier in accordance with the international standard IEC 60529. The protection identifier is designated by the letters IP and two numbers. The first number indicates protection against the ingression of various solid objects and particles. The second number indicates the degree of protection of the equipment against the harmful effects of the liquid.

For example, a household outlet usually has an IP20 degree of protection, usually installed in office or residential areas. The maximum degree of protection corresponds to the IP68 marking. It is a completely dustproof device that can withstand prolonged immersion in water under pressure. This is exactly the degree of protection that LANMASTER components for industrial use have.

Outlets and modular patch cords provide an IP68 protected connection, keeping the pins and connector openings free from dust, moisture, vibration and cleaning agents. These solutions are ideal for protecting connections in harsh environments.


  1. The connectors are designed for use in harsh environments with temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 85 °C.
  2. The IP68 rating of the enclosure completely excludes the ingress of dust into the compartment and ensures operability during short-term immersion in water.
  3. A cover protects the outlet when not in use.
  4. The reliable threaded connection makes the connection resistant to vibration.

LANMASTER IP68 Rated Components

Industrial connectors

Industrial modules are made of impact-resistant plastic UL 94V-0, contacts are made of phosphor bronze with gold plating. The bayonet locking mechanism ensures a secure fit of the parts. The module housings also have seals that serve the ingress protection.

The modules are equipped with threaded covers. The inside of the module is securely closed when not in use. In addition to Keystone modules, there are also RJ-45 connectors available on both sides of the module. Convenient for use when you need to set up a quick connection.

Product code Description
LAN-OK45S6/180-WP Keystone industrial module, RJ45, cat.6, STP, 180 degree, IP68
LAN-OK45S5E/180-WP Keystone industrial module, RJ45, cat.5e, STP, 180 degree, IP68
LAN-KCP45S5E-WP Industrial connection module, IP68, shielded, category 5e
LAN-KCP45S6-WP Industrial connection module, IP68, shielded, category 6
LAN-OK-USB30/180-WP Industrial connection module USB 3.0, IP68, with a protection cover
LAN-OK-HDMI/180-WP Industrial connection module HDMI, IP68, with a protection cover


The faceplates for the installation of industrial modules are made of stainless steel. A rubber sealing gasket on the inside of the faceplate ensures a snug fit to the mounting surface. Rubber washers for screws provide protection for faceplate-to-surface connections.

Product code Description
LAN-WPM-1OK Faceplate for surface mount, 1 port, stainless steel
LAN-WPM-2OK Faceplate for surface mount, 2 ports, stainless steel

Surface mount boxes

It is a junction box, designed for wall or other surface mount. Allows the installation of up to two modules in industrial design, as well as cable entry from any of the three sides. For cable entry, it is necessary to use sealed glands. The plastic on the box is solid, but the apertures for the glands are quite simple to dismantle. The box body and the front panel are connected with a silicone sealing gasket.

Product code Description
LAN-MB-2OK-WP Industrial surface mount box, 2 ports, waterproof
LAN-MBPG-09-GY Cable gland for 4 to 8 mm, IP68, grey
LAN-MBPG-11-GY Cable gland for 5 to 10 mm, IP68, grey

Patch cords

Industrial patch cords are terminated with RJ-45, USB or HDMI connectors. The connectors are enclosed in protective thermoplastic housings with rubber seals. The housing of the plug has a bayonet fitting. It has edges for convenience when screwing the plug-in connector. Plugs and connectors are fully protected from moisture, vibration, chemicals and cleaning agents. The cable has increased flexibility, withstands exposure to water, fuels and lubricants, ultraviolet radiation.

Product code Description
LAN6-S45-45-XX-WP LANMASTER Industrial patch-cord, FTP cat.6, IP68, black
LAN-S45-45-XX-WP LANMASTER Industrial patch-cord, FTP cat.5e, IP68, black
LAN-USB3-USB3-xx-WP LANMASTER Industrial connection cord, USB 3.0, IP68, black
LAN-HDMI-HDMI-xx-WP LANMASTER Industrial connection cord, HDMI, IP68, black

In addition to these components, there are also accompanying elements for industrial cabling systems. For example, individual bayonet-locking LAN-OK-WP-CAP lids. They are used to cover unoccupied sockets.
Also, there is a protective LAN-BO-WPAK cap. It is designed to seal the cable entry to the industrial telecommunication socket.

Cable connection sealing kit

Special attention should be paid to the kit for a sealed cable connection with IP-67 degree of protection. This solution can be used to extend cable lines in the field.

The kit uses an RJ-45 socket to socket coupler, which is designed to quickly connect pre-terminated cable links.


  • used when an urgent solution is required
  • simple design
  • ready to use kit which is compatible with standard components
Product code Description
LAN-CP45S6/SET-WP Cable connection sealing kit, IP67, shielded, category 6

LANMASTER components for DIN-rail mount

Information, fire alarm, security systems are increasingly intertwined with each other. And it is not always according to the classical scheme that the electric automatics are installed in an electrical cabinet (on a DIN-rail), and information equipment in a 19” mounting frame. It is often necessary to organize telecommunication copper or optical sockets on a DIN-rail.

DIN-rail 19” mount panel

When required to install any electrical modular equipment in a 19'' rack a panel with a DIN-rail is usually used.

The solution has several advantages. The DIN-rail is recessed to a certain depth for comfortable placement of devices in the cabinet. The rail is closed with a cover from the front, the opening in the cover provides easy access to the installed equipment. There are also several special holes in the back of the box for the convenience of wiring the cables.

Product code Description
TWT-CB-DINRL/3U DIN-rail 19” mount panel for electrical automatic switches mounting, 3U

Boxes and frames for mounting of Keystone and Mosaic modules on a DIN-rail

There are also a number of solutions for cases where Keystone modules need to be mounted on a DIN-rail, such as in an electrical cabinet.

Our product range includes a wide variety of frames and boxes for these purposes.

  • Metal and plastic open frames, due to their design, allow mounting telecommunication modules of various widths.
  • Modular boxes with a lid can be placed side by side with each other in a single row.
  • Mosaic size frames. It is possible to install both electrical 45x45 sized modules and information modules using SIP inserts in those frames.

Product code Description
LAN-DRF-1OK-M DIN-rail frame for installing a Keystone module, metal
LAN-DRF-1OK-WH DIN-rail frame for installing a Keystone module, white
LAN-DRF-10K/BX-GY DIN-rail box for Keystone mounting, grey
LAN-DRF-45x45-WH DIN-rail frame for installing 45x45 inserts and electrical modules, white

Universal mounting box

There is also a more large and capacious solution for installation of adapter plates on a DIN-rail – a universal mounting box.

The box has an adaptive design, it can be used both for copper and optical solutions when using various front panels. The box is pre-installed with a splice plate for fixing the heat shrink sleeves. In addition to mounting on a DIN-rail, the box has holes for mounting to a wall and brackets for installation in a 10” mounting frame.

Product code Description
LAN-FOB10-1P Optical universal 10” mounting panel for an adapter plate. Can be mounted on a wall, in a cabinet, on a DIN-rail
LAN-FP10-xxxxx Adapter plates for LAN-FOB10-1P panel

Small size solutions for optical ports

However, a large number of ports are not always required, especially when it comes to optics. There are boxes that are small in size, allow them to be densely placed on a DIN-rail. In spite of the small size the boxes have paths for pigtails, which makes it possible to conveniently splice fiber-optic cables and ensure safe bending radius.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right option:

  • Boxes for two duplex SC adapters. Allow, if necessary, to increase the number of communication lines, placing the boxes side by side and adding new cases. They fit together to form a single row.
  • Boxes for four duplex SC adapters. Thanks to their small thickness, they can save space in the cabinet. At the same time, the hinged panel provides convenience when working with optics.

Product code Description
LAN-DRF-4SC/SB-WH DIN-rail mount box for four duplex SC adapters, white
LAN-DRF-2SC/BX-WH DIN-rail mount box for two duplex SC adapters, white