LSA-PLUS Back mount frame

Product Code: TWT-WMF-FRx

LSA-PLUS Back mount frame

The frame is designed to install 10-pair LSA-PLUS and LSA-PROFIL connection modules on the wall.

Can be mounted directly on the wall or using special TWT-WMF-KR plastic brackets.

The frame has side holes for the input cables equipped with protective rubber rings.

The open frame design allows the use of various types of cable routing - from top, bottom, sides.

Made of stainless steel.


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Model range (5)

Code Name
TWT-WMF-FR3 LSA-PLUS Backmount frame, 3 connection modules Add to list
TWT-WMF-FR5 LSA-PLUS Backmount frame, 5 connection modules Add to list
TWT-WMF-FR10 LSA-PLUS Backmount frame, 10 connection modules Add to list
TWT-WMF-FR15 LSA-PLUS Backmount frame, 15 connection modules Add to list
TWT-WMF-FR25 LSA-PLUS Backmount frame, 25 connection modules Add to list