Wall block, double row, for four 45x45 Mosaic modules

Product Code: LAN-WA-WBK2-F45/4

Wall block, double row, for four 45x45 Mosaic modules

Wall mounting double row block is designed for theorganization of individual or multiuser workplaces.

Outlet blocks do a good job of placing multi-user socket blocks with a specific set of interfaces in public places or rooms where the location of connection points is frequently changes. Due to the modular principle of the block configuration, you can create various scenarios for combining power, data, and multimedia sockets.

The block has 4 socket frames for the French 45x45 Mosaic modules in the front panels (2 frames in each panel).

There are two white adapter panels for verticallyoriented modules in the basic configuration. If necessary, the adapter panelscan be changed to panels of other colors (red or blue), or to panels with ahorizontal orientation of the installed modules.

The block body is made of aluminum alloy. The outsidehas an anodized finish. A removable aluminum partition is installed inside the body.

On the sides, the block body is closed with plasticcovers, which have openings for cable entry. The openings are covered withremovable caps.

The installation of the box is made on the 4 support platforms available in the kit, on the grooves of which the aluminum case isput on.

The kit includes dowels, self-tapping screws, and two grounding conductors with terminals.

Supplied in an individual box.

Body and partition material is aluminum. Other partsare ABS.

Block body painting is anodized.

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