Floor tower, double row, for four 45x45 Mosaic modules

Product Code: LAN-WA-TWR2-F45/4

Floor tower, double row, for four 45x45 Mosaic modules

Floor-standing double row tower is designed for the organization of individual or multiuser workplaces.

Floor-standing towers solve the problem of placing full-fledged workplaces where installation of a conventional outlet boxes is not possible. In places far from walls and columns, in open spaces.

The tower is made of aluminum, has a sufficiently strong structure, which makes it resistant to mechanical damage.  

The cable is led into the tower from below, the wires are hidden from view, this makes the tower not only a functional, but also a practical interior solution. It is also possible to lead the cable into the structure from the side (for example, in a floor trunk), there are holes at the base of the tower closed with removable caps for this.

The tower has 4 socket frames for the French 45x45 Mosaic modules in the front panels (2 frames in each panel).

There are two white adapter panels for vertically oriented modules in the basic configuration. If necessary, the adapter panels can be changed to panels of other colors (red or blue), or to panels with a horizontal orientation of the installed modules. Due to the modular principle of completing the tower, you can create various scenarios for combining power, data, and multimedia sockets.

The tower body is made of aluminum alloy and has an anodized finish. A removable aluminum partition is installed inside the body. The tower body is installed on a plastic base, fixed to the floor by four self-tapping screws with dowels. If necessary, the screws can be easily replaced with anchors with size no more than M6. The upper part of the enclosure has a plastic lid with two removable caps.

The kit includes dowels, self-tapping screws, and two grounding conductors with terminals. Supplied in an individual box.

Body and partition material is aluminum. Other parts are ABS.

Tower body painting is anodized.

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