Desktop minicolumn for six 45x45 Mosaic modules

Product Code: LAN-WA-MCTA-F45/6

Desktop minicolumn for six 45x45 Mosaic modules

Single row minicolumn is designed to organize full-fledged individual or multiuser workplaces.

Installation is made into the surface of the tabletop. Thanks to the telescopic mechanism, the column can be easily pushed in when no connection is required. The case is made in a modern laconic design, so the minicolumn fits well into any interior.

Due to the modular completing of the minicolumn, you can create various scenarios for combining power, data, and multimedia sockets. The column is designed for four Mosaic modules. In addition to the usual vertical orientation of the modules, you can install panels with horizontal orientation of the modules.

The freedom of configurations is very large. Therefore, the column is often used in offices, conference rooms, public places.

The minicolumn body is made of aluminum. A mounting sleeve is installed in the tabletop, a plastic ring is screwed onto the thread of the sleeve from the underside of the tabletop, reliably fixing the column in the surface hole.

The retractable part of the minicolumn is equipped with a push action latch. After unlocking, the retractable part is lifted manually and then it locks automatically in the upper position.

Cables are inserted into the minicolumn from the bottom of the tabletop, inside the column base they can be fixed with ties.

In the cover of the upper part of the column there is a hole through which, when the column is retracted into the tabletop, the wires and patch cords connected to the sockets pass. The cover is equipped with a shutter. The shutter protects the column from dust and foreign objects getting inside in the absence of connections.

The kit includes ties, stoppers and stopper fixing screws.

Supplied individually packed.

Made of aluminum and ABS.

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