LANMASTER 19" optical enclosure for 3 adapter faceplates

Product Code: LAN-FOB-RM-3H

LANMASTER 19" optical enclosure for 3 adapter faceplates

The enclosure is designed for installation in a 19" cabinet or rack. The body is made of metal and has adjustable in depth 19" mounting brackets.

The design with a sliding shelf allows convenient and quick installation of equipment, provides easy access to the contents of the housing after its installation in the cabinet. The retractable part of the enclosure is fixed using latches without tools.

The enclosure allows to inlet several cables of different designs at the same time. Cable entries (4 pcs) are in the back of the housing and covered with rubber grommets. The enclosure has fixtures for fasten the optical cable.

Enclosures are equipped with cable excess managers and two splice trays. Allows to install up to 3 adapter faceplates, while the capacity of the enclosure will be from 6 to 24 sockets.

Protective sleeve size Fibers, max.
40mm 24
60mm 24

Depending on the requirements purchase adapter faceplates for installing SC, ST, FC, duplex LC, quad LC adapters to choose. Adapter faceplates is fastened with plastic latches.

Applicable unpopulated adapter faceplates

Faceplate product code Acceptable adapters
LAN-FP-ST 6 ST adapters
LAN-FP-SC 6 SC simplex, 6 LC duplex
LAN-FP-FC 6 ST/FC simplex
LAN-FP-2SC 4 SC duplex, 4 LC quadro
LAN-FP-BLNK Blank faceplate

Kit includes:

  • Enclosure body – 1 pc
  • Splice tray with cover – 2 pcs
  • Cable excess manager – 2 pcs

Height is 1U.

Powder coated.

Color is gray (RAL7035)

Cable entries diameter – 30 mm.

Dimensions (DхWхH) - 300х430х47 mm.

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