Connection box, shielded, category 5Е

Product Code: LAN-CNB-STP5E

Connection box, shielded, category 5Е

he connection box is designed to connect two lines of shielded 4-pair cable by termination on IDC wiring blocks.

Category 5E compliant.

It is used during repair work to quickly restore the connection of a damaged cable, as well as to organize a consolidation point.

Can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or any available surface. Due to its low weight and dimensions, it can remain unsecured, or fit inside the cable harness.

Package included:

  • Connection box — 1 pc.
  • Fastening screw — 2 pcs.

Laboratory testing example of a connector box as a repair unit.

Consolidation point setup diagram

Cable link length is 90 meters. The line is terminated on one side with a patch panel, on the other side with a standard category 5E keystone.

The cable is rolled up in a coil. The gap is exactly in the middle.

  • Insertion loss margin: 2,4 dB
  • NEXT margin: 6,7 dB
  • PSNEXT margin: 6,8 dB
  • ELFEXT margin: 8,1 dB
  • PSELFEXT margin: 10,5 dB
  • RL margin: 8,2 dB
Box dimensions
Box package

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