SC optical adapter, duplex

Product Code: LAN-2SC-AM-xx

SC optical adapter, duplex

Adapters are installed in optical patch panel, wall or rack type, and optical sockets. 

Adapters are pass-through sockets and are used for precise centering of connector tips, and for fixing connectors pressed against each other. 

Adapters are available for multi-mode OM3 (aqua body) and single-mode (blue body) connectors. Duplex SC adapter connects two cables terminated with SC connectors. 

Duplex SC adapter connects two cables terminated with SC connectors. Connector can be installed on a fiber in a cable, a pigtail, or a patch cord.

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Model range (5)

Code Name
LAN-2SC-AM-MM LANMASTER SC optical adapter, MM, duplex Add to list
LAN-2SC-AM-OM3 LANMASTER SC optical adapter, OM3, duplex Add to list
LAN-2SC-AM-OM4 LANMASTER SC optical adapter, OM4, duplex Add to list
LAN-2SC-AM-APC LANMASTER SC optical adapter, SM/APC, duplex Add to list
LAN-2SC-AM-SM LANMASTER SC optical adapter, SM, duplex Add to list